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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Pixar's success visualized using d3.js

Pixar is one of the most influential CGI animated film makers with 15 Academy Awards won by their films. Not only have their films received critical acclaim but have also gone on to be financially successful.

The ratings of the Pixar Movies according to Metacritic.

Legend: Green = Won the Oscar, Orange = Nominated, Red = Not nominated, Blue = Not applicable.
Pixar's earnings and Academy Award status arranged chronologically.

Out of the 15 movies that Pixar has created Cars 2 was rated the least with 57/100 while Ratatouille scored the highest with 96/100.
Image credit: Disney/ Pixar

It will be the first time in Pixar's history that they will release two movies in the same calendar year. The first being 'Inside Out' followed by 'The Good Dinosaur'.

Image Credits: Dreamworks

A project by the name of 'Newt' was cancelled in 2008. Pixar cited that the plot-line was similar to that of another animated file, 'Rio'.

In 1986, Steve Jobs bought Pixar (then known as Computer Graphics Division from George Lucas) and it was later bought by Disney in 2006.

Image credits: Pixar

Pixar's mascot goes by the name of Luxo Jr.

Tom Hanks was interested to voice Woody as he wondered how toys would be if they were living.

Joss Whedon, the director of The Avengers, co-wrote Toy Story's script. He also came up with Rex, the dinosaur in the franchise.

Image credits: Pixar

The Pizza Planet truck appears in most of Pixar's movies.

Monsters University has an actual admissions website of its own.

Image credits: Pixar, Pixar Wikia

'A-113' is an easter egg in many Pixar films. It is a tribute to a classroom at California Institute of Arts, where many animators had worked.

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