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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Mind-blowing facts about India: Mizoram and the shops without attendants

Mizoram, one of the seven sister states in North-eastern India maybe known for the scenic beauty. But there is another beautiful thing that many people don't know about. The nature of the citizens of the state.

One of the many shops on the highway

Groceries and flowers collected by the shopkeepers from nearby forests are kept on display with the rates and a money box. The astonishing thing being that there is no shopkeeper around the shop.
If you want to buy some vegetable, it's as simple as weighing it and paying the amount according to the rate, and that's it. Pick up the balance from the money box and continue with your daily routine.
'Nghah lou dawr' shop, which means shops without attendants are common along the highway, approximately 65 kilometers from Aizawl. The shop owners leave their shops open for their customers passing the highway to pick up their requirement.

"We trust them, they have never failed us," say the shop owners. "We often buy from such shops. We feel great that Mizoram has such kind of vendors. We believe this should be the real practice" says a customer. Sometimes the shopkeepers don't earn much but feel happy about the trust in their customers.

Hats off to the culture and people of Mizoram for such integrity and trust. Who could have imagined such strength of character in people in the dog-eat-dog world we live in? But maybe what they say is true: the best things are where you least expect them to be.

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