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Friday, 4 March 2016

Top Amazingly Ingenious Print Ads

I believe that creativity springs from humanity and is one of the ways of expressing thoughts and ideas. Innovation makes things more intuitive so below are some brands with taglines that speak a lot about the brands and their consumers.

: This brand never fails to surprise me. From the way they advertise their products and the advertisements they shoot, it's all done to perfection. The company started by a track athlete and his coach in 1964 controls a huge chunk of the market today. The tagline is really catches the eye of every passer-by.

Apple: Jobs and Wozniak started their company to deliver home brew computing machines. Decades later the company is pushing boundaries in innovation and creativity. With simplicity and a different train of thought as their mantra the tech giant has proven what thinking differently can result in.

Adidas: The mere quality of the brand speaks for itself. The definition of impossible has changed since the advent of the company's tagline. The picture says it all.

MastedCard: The advertisements of this brand and the way they portray how some moments in life are just priceless and can't be actually equated with money, is what I really love.

And finally an Indian brand that deserves a mention is Amul. It's not merely for the taglines but also for the manner in which these posters are made to be visually appealing to everyone from a boy of 6 to an octogenarian. The company keeps updating its billboards and the newspaper sections, keeping us updated with the world in a fun way.

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